Recipe: Brooklyn Cocktail


To the five boroughs

I’m a little Manhattan-obsessed. But after running across a Brooklyn Cocktail recipe in Ted Haigh’s essential book, Vintage Spirits, I thought might be time to drink my way through another borough.

If you squint, the Brooklyn sure looks like a Manhattan, but it’s a little sweeter and drier. It’s a great vintage cocktail that’s worked its way into my regular rotation.

Haigh’s recipe calls for Amer Picon, which I understand is difficult (if not impossible) to procure in the US. The fine folks at the H+F Bottle Shop suggested Amaro CioCiaro as a substitute.

Although you may not have Amaro CioCiaro or Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur on the shelf, they’re worthwhile investments. After all, there are quite a few interesting cocktails that include them as key ingredients.


2 oz. rye

3/4 oz. dry vermouth

2 tsp. amaro CioCiaro (recommendation: Amaro CioCiaro)

2 tsp. Maraschino Liqueur

1 cocktail cherry (recommendation: Luxardo)


Fill both a mixing glass and a coupe glass with ice. Pour rye, vermouth, Amaro and Maraschino liqueur into the mixing glass and stir. Dump ice from the coupe glass and drop in the cherry. Strain cocktail over the cherry. Drink and repeat as necessary.





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