Ramble: Aperitif for Destruction


Fernet Branca is having a moment.

I’ve heard that it’s become sort of a bartender’s secret handshake — walk into a bar, order a Fernet Branca and you might get a knowing nod (not unlike Beyonce’s Super Bowl high sign to fellow Illuminati).

I wanted to be that guy. Then Saturday night, opportunity knocked.

At Holeman & Finch, I spotted a guy in a Fernet Branca t-shirt. After introducing myself, I admitted that I hadn’t tried the bitter, Italian liqueur and he offered to do a shot with me.

I don’t know what I was expecting. But I was pretty sure it’d involve Jaeger-like facial contortions. Not so much. Although it does taste like something that was first used as a medicine, the second taste was better than the first.

Sunday, I bought my own bottle.

It’s definitely not for everyone. Just cool people like me and Alfred Pennyworth.



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